Hello There!

Thanks for checking out my work; I hope you like it!

But, who is the guy making all this stuff?  I’m glad you asked!

I’m Phil Sanchez: a geek with a love of art, games, and stories.

My story began as I finished my senior year of college. I was a Biology/Business double major with good grades and several internships, but I realized it wasn’t how I wanted to spend my life—I realized I had a passion.

Unfortunately, having a passion didn’t mean I suddenly had a portfolio. But it was a start, and if other people could do it, so would I!

I finished my degrees, got a job to pay the bills, and started leveling up. I read books, watched tutorials, and poured over internet forums. I took classes from amazing mentors, and I met hundreds of other incredible young artists (many of whom are now doing awesome work). I drew, painted, sculpted, textured, and practiced into the wee hours of the morning. And I got better.   

It’s been a long road, but I’m pursuing my passion.

A big part of my journey has been meeting other people: if you have any questions, click that contact button and let’s get talking! 

(I promise I don’t bite)