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Sectoid ReDesign (High Poly)

“Hello, Commander”

I love XCom, and I especially like the Sectoids: the conspiracy-theory-esque, “grey” aliens of the game.

The goal of this project was to redesign the Sectoid as a blend of the “grey alien” aesthetic of the first game with the more “aggressive” and “intimidating” design of the second.

I use triangular, pointy forms to accentuate the character’s danger and malice, while still keeping it thin and feeble-looking, as it’s basically a grunt in the alien army. Additionally, I tried to incorporate a little storytelling into the design by adding visible implants to suggest the idea that the Sectoids are experimented on and abused by their own kind.

*ZBrush: Modeling
*Marmoset Toolbag: Rendering
*Photoshop: Final compositing

More artwork
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