Little WItch
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Hi Poly (rendered in Keyshot)

Little WItch

Based on the awesome work of Nurzhan Bekkaliyev:

My personal goal for this piece was to push my comfort zone. I wanted to try new software and workflows. I used Marvelous Designer to design and block out the dress, used Overlapping UVs in Modo to get a more efficient UV layout, and textured the final model using 3D Coat/Photoshop.

Additionally, I wanted to match as closely as possible the clean visual style of the reference. I did add some details to the design of the dress, boots, and gloves, but I tried to keep these changes subtle and in line with the rest of the piece.

Polycount (girl): 19,944 Triangles
Polycount (props): 6,373 Triangles

Texture Sets: 2 (Girl & props)

*Zbrush: Modeling
*Marvelous Designer: Cloth sim/costume design
*Modo: Retopology, UV layout, Misc
*3D Coat: Texturing
*Photoshop: Texturing
*Keyshot: Rendering

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