The Sage
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Final, game-rez model

Philip sanchez frontback sculpt

Hi Poly Sculpt

Philip sanchez topology uvlayout2

Topology & Texture Breakdown

Video Turnaround

The Sage

Inspired VERY loosely by the character of the Monkey King from Journey to the West, this project started with the prompts of “time” and “age.” Ultimately, that grew into the idea of an old, reclusive warrior-monk who long ago turned from a life of violence and ambition to seek peace and solitude.

The goal of this piece was to explore various tools and workflows in the character art pipeline, especially the Substance Suite and the implementation of hair cards.

Final Polycount: 27,102 Triangles (41,366 Triangles including hair cards)
Texture sets: 3 (skin, hair, accessories)

*ZBrush: Modeling
*Modo: Retopology and UV layout
*Substance Painter/Designer: Texture painting
*Marmoset Toolbag: Texture baking and Rendering
*Photoshop: Final compositing

More artwork
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