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Philip sanchez turnaround still wire

Turnaround (Wireframe)

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Philip sanchez texturelayout

Texture Breakdown

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Youtube Turnaround

Sectoid ReDesign (Game Resolution)

"Good luck, Commander"

I would only be rendering one character (instead of dozens, like in the XCom games), so my focus was more on visual fidelity than tight optimization. I wanted to push the details as far as I could, so I ultimately used 4 texture sets and the Substance Suite for a crisp, final model.

As I started texturing, I pulled heavily from the original game’s designs, but I was also heavily inspired by “amphibious” skin: the wet, translucent material struck me as both fragile and alien—perfect for the look I was going for. (Plus, the Sectoid’s implants and Psi energy probably generate lots of heat: which also fit well with the glossy, "sweaty" look I was going for)

Final Polycount: 10,390 Triangles
Texture sets: 4 (head, arms, torso, weapon)

*ZBrush: Modeling
*3D Coat: Retopology and UV layout
*Modo: Miscellaneous
*Substance Painter: Texture painting
*Marmoset Toolbag: Texture baking and Rendering
*Photoshop: Final compositing

More artwork
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